Herb Janssen

Meet Herb Janssen (Community Representative)

I grew up in ranching country near Wichita Falls, TX. After high school, I attended Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls where I received a Bachelor’s of Science in Education (BSE)- a degree that doesn’t exist at most universities. I later completed a MEd in education/biology and worked in a medical physiology laboratory. With the encouragement of several professors, I completed a PhD in medical physiology at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. For the next 30+ years I worked in the Department of Orthopaedics Surgery as director of research and assistant chairman. In 2008, I moved to El Paso to join Department of Medical Education at the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine. My wife, Lourdes, also works at the medical school. She is in charge of clerkship coordinators, scheduling clerkships and rotations for MS III and MS IV student, administering exams, entering grades, etc. (and the etc. is significant!)

I have a strong interest in K-12 education. I work with local school districts and other organizations to improve educational opportunities in health related areas.  This includes summer programs for K-12 students, guest presentations, workshops, “Teddy Bear Clinics”, and career day presentations.

Lourdes and I are members at Peace Lutheran in El Paso. We have four children and four grandchildren, a herd of dogs, and one cat.  We enjoy cooking together, traveling, and trying new food and wine.  I’m into wood working and Lourdes knits, crochets, and does needle point.

A former BSC member noted, “El Paso and Juarez are where the first and third world rub together, often leaving a running sore.” BSC reduces the force of this collision and helps, “heal the broken hearted and binds up their wounds.”