Linda Braxton

Meet Linda Braxton (Congregation Representative)

 As I drove the 22’ Penske truck out of Dallas last September with all of my belongings, a trailer with my car attached, and a dog in my lap, I was reminded that not only was this a leap of faith but the beginning of a most excellent adventure. Gone was the 24/7 life of managing over thirty retail stores for Heritage Home Group, the oldest and largest corporation currently manufacturing and retailing furniture in the U.S. I’m so excited to be joining the Board of Border Servant Corps where my penchant for squeezing profitability out of retail operations can be put to so much better use by helping our organization find ways to improve efficiency and thereby improve the effectiveness of our mission for our clients and communities. My background in volunteering and teaching, as a certified high school teacher, should also come in handy when serving BSC volunteers, staff, and clients/communities. I’m here to work and make a difference, whatever form that takes. As my assigned volunteer makes her way cross country, she is probably also making a leap of faith and anticipating what kind of adventure the next year is going to be. Excellent. That’s what it’s going to be and I’ll do all I can to make sure it is.