Members of Border Servant Corps pledge to emphasize the following four areas during their term of service:

Community: Volunteers join together in intentional community; sharing meals, household responsibilities, daily joys and struggles, and dialogue intended to more fully understand the depth and breadth of every day experiences. Through shared work and living experiences, volunteers learn and grow both individually and communally. The volunteer households – in Las Cruces and El Paso – meet several times a month to explore our relationships to ourselves, others, and the world.

Simplicity: Volunteers explore a simple lifestyle by sharing resources, engaging in conscientious choice-making, re-examining wants and needs, and shedding unnecessary burdens. Conversations about how our actions affect ourselves, our community, our earth, and all of creation shape this year of service.

Social Justice: Volunteers serve full-time in established organizations that provide assistance to the economically disadvantaged, develop long-term projects to sustain the community, and seek to empower marginalized populations. Our service sites focus on issues such as immigration, education, homelessness, health care, and domestic violence. Volunteers learn about these issues as they serve in the community.

Spirituality: Volunteers support and encourage one another in their spiritual growth through reading, reflection, spiritual practices, and intentional dialogue. People of all spiritual practices, and those of no particular spiritual practice, explore this tenet together.