Immigration & Justice

Reflection shared after Issues Night at the “Trotando Pasos Ajenos: Social Justice and Inequalities in the Borderlands” exhibit by Meredith Severtson, 2017-2018 BSCer serving with Doña Ana Communities United in Las Cruces, NM. For December Issues Night BSC members and friends attended the “Trotando Pasos Ajenos,” an exhibit at the Branigan Cultural Center in Las Read More

Kumpuckal, Sonya - Photo

Generosity & Simplicity

Reflection shared after Issues Night with Jon Simmons by Sonya Kumpuckal, 2017-2018 BSCer serving with the Southwest Environmental Center. Warning! The following content contains puns. Reader discretion is advised. Some of things that come to mind when we think about simplicity include monks, being present, less stuff, etc. Simply put, Jon Simmons is the personification Read More

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Hospitality & Community

Reflection shared after Issues Night with the Sisters of the Assumption by Meg Brauckmann, 2017-2018 BSCer serving with the Beloved Community Project Edward Galeano wrote, “the world was born longing to be a home to everyone.” Part of my work with the Beloved Community is helping to build inclusive community where this dream comes to Read More


Reconciliation & Appreciation

Our visit to the Sisters of the Assumption in Chaparral, NM lifted my spirits in a time of great fear and anger in myself and in my community.  The hospitality that the Sisters showed us by opening their home allowed us to share in the simple communion of eating and talking together.  It was regrounding Read More


Newness: Building the First Bridges

My first full month in the borderlands has been a month of new environments, new relationships, and new communities. It’s been a thousand of the awkward first conversations that happen when you’re learning your way around a new space and building the first bridges between you and the people you find there. I’ve shared my Read More