Generosity & Simplicity

Reflection shared after Issues Night with Jon Simmons by Sonya Kumpuckal, 2017-2018 BSCer serving with the Southwest Environmental Center.


The following content contains puns. Reader discretion is advised.

Some of things that come to mind when we think about simplicity include monks, being present, less stuff, etc. Simply put, Jon Simmons is the personification of simplicity by not only living simply, but by thinking, gardening,  eating, working, and acting simply. He started off by planting a seed with the fact that simplicity is not merely about having fewer things but about so much more: the simplicity internally, externally, culturally/socially/with relationships, and systems. Engaging in these 4 perspectives on simplicity will four sure lead to fulfillment.

A lot of these simple ideas end up being perceived as more complex than it is in reality. The perspective that stood out to me the most was the internal aspect. Jon told us about the importance of training our expectations and attachment to outcomes. We often put a lot of focus on the INcome and OUTcome we hope for, rather than take a step back and focus on distinguishing our needs vs wants. Some of the other areas in the life we can control to try to live more simply is by looking into other options for housing, transportation, food, etc. I am hoping to incorporate more of what he said into my own life by implementing some of the minor changes first and then grow from there. For example, Jon suggested that we give the gift of an experience rather than purchasing or buying something for someone– give the present of being present!
All in all, the overall message is simply to live for.