Service Sites

Border Servant Corps welcomes applicants from across the nation who seek to do a year of service on the U.S. / México border. Some are looking for an opportunity for hands-on direct service in their career of choice or serve in the field for a year to clarify their life’s direction. Others seek an opportunity to learn and grow from the experience of service and community. Still others simply seek the experience of something very new and challenging. But one thing they all hold in common is a commitment to the four tenets of BSC: Community, Simplicity, Social Justice, and Spirituality.

BSC’s Board of Directors and staff know that we cannot meet the needs of these dedicated people without the partnership of the service sites. Our cooperating service sites cover a wide scope of services and serve a broad range of populations. All are committed to justice and equality for those they serve.

To learn more about current BSC Service Sites or how to become a site, see: