Apply to Become a Service Site

Thank you for your interest in becoming a BSC Service Site!

To apply, please select:

BSC Application for Service Site 2017-2018 (PDF)

BSC Application for Service Site 2017-2018 (Word)

Service Site Application Process for Upcoming Service Year (August-July):

  • January 15: Applications due / Interest confirmed
    • New service sites: Completed applications due to BSC
    • Current service sites: Confirm interest in partnership for the coming service year and notify BSC of any anticipated changes in the position description
  • January 15-31: Applications reviewed by BSC Executive Board of Directors and staff
  • February: BSC staff schedules and conducts select site visits
    • New service sites: Reviewed upon first year of partnership
    • Current service sites: Reviewed every two years
  • Mid-February: Notification of acceptance to interview applicants*

*Due to increased service site applications, even sites which are notified of being invited to interview applicants may not receive a BSC volunteer if they are unable to find a volunteer match.  If they do not find a match, the site is not required to submit a new application for the following service year, but must notify BSC of their continued interest in order to interview future applicants.

Prospective Volunteer Interview Process with Selected Service Sites

  • Prospective volunteers interview with selected service sites via Skype or phone
    • February: Round One applicants
    • April: Round Two applicants
  • Offering the position after the interview
    • Site offers position, BSC notifies applicant
      • Applicant accepts, BSC notifies site, application process completed
      • Applicant declines, BSC notifies site, site continues applicant interviews
    • Site does not offer position, BSC notifies applicant
      • Site continues applicant interviews

To inquire about becoming a BSC Service Site, contact Border Servant Corps.