Yearlong Volunteers

Border Servant Corps hosts full-time volunteers that live in intentional community, learn about living simply, work for social justice, and explore spirituality. Volunteers work with issues such as poverty, immigration, domestic violence, education, and health care with opportunities to work in churches, shelters, legal centers, after-school programs, clinics, and more! The service year is from mid-August through July each year, with a break in August between service years.

Yearlong Program Components

Intentional Community

BSC participants live together in intentional community, sharing a modest budget, making consensus-based decisions, and exploring the Borderlands and BSC tenets together.

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Personal Growth Curriculum

BSC programming and curriculum fosters personal growth through specific monthly themes and a weekly community gatherings.

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Direct Service

BSC partner with local social service organization to provide its participants with direct service opportunities in the community.

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Current Volunteers

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