Apply to Become a Full-Time Volunteer

Applications for the 2018-2019 Yearlong Term

First-Time Applicants

BSCer Application 2018-2019 (Word) ● BSCer Application 2018-2019 (PDF)

Applicants may complete an application and submit it, along with a resume and three references, to

Applicants Reactivating Previous Application

Please email to receive previous application and make any updates necessary. Submit with the reactivation supplement.

BSCer Application 2018-2019 – Reactivation Supplement  (Word) ● BSCer Application 2018-2019 – Reactivation Supplement (PDF)

Current/Former BSCers Applying for a Second Term of Service


Applicant Reference Form (One of each required)

BSCer Employer-Supervisor Reference (Word) ● BSCer Employer-Supervisor Reference (PDF)

BSCer Mission Reference (Word) ● BSCer Mission Reference (PDF)

BSCer Peer Reference (Word) ● BSCer Peer Reference (PDF)

References may submit directly to

Application Timeline & Information

Yearlong Volunteer Applicants

Applications are accepted beginning in October for the upcoming service year beginning in August.

The first deadline is in January and the second is in the Spring.

Yearlong volunteer applicants, see the 2018-2019 Application Timeline for current deadlines.

Program Dates: Mid-August – Last Friday in July (begins with orientation)

Service Sites: Service sites change each year. To see some sites BSC has partnered with, see BSC Service Sites.

Housing: Yearlong volunteers live in intentional community, with one house in Las Cruces, NM and one in El Paso, TX.

Short Term Volunteer Applicants

Applications are accepted beginning in October for the upcoming service term beginning in June.**

Deadline: Short term volunteer applicants follow the same timeline as Round One yearlong volunteer applicants.

Program Dates: Beginning of June – End of July (begins with orientation)

Service Sites: Sites available for short term volunteers are carefully selected as places where volunteers are able to “jump in” right away.  Therefore, positions in law offices, etc. are not available due to the amount of orientation required. Most often, short term volunteers have the opportunity to work with children’s summer programs!

Housing: Short term volunteers are welcomed by and join into intentional community with yearlong volunteers.

**A January Term will not be offered for the 2018 year.

Application Process

After a completed application (with references) has been received, the applicant will begin the interview process (according to the timeline).

While there are quality placements in every round, those who apply early will have a greater selection.

Each invitation to participate is an agreement between three parties; the applicant, program, and service site.

Applicants will begin their term of service in conjunction with other participants, according to the service calendar.