Reflection & Gratitude for BSC Community Night at Jardin de los Niños

2016-11-cn-at-jardin-cardAlthough I had supported, met staff, and told other people about Jardin de los Niños, I had not visited the actual site until last night.  Hannah, BSC volunteer, shared a great PowerPoint and presentation about Jardin, which included learning that New Mexico is ranked 49th in Child Well-Being.

In order to help us get to see the facilities, we played an “Amazing Race” style game in teams of 3-5 people.  In each classroom, we had to complete a challenge or answer a question and have conversation with our team members.  There was much conversation about the challenges that might be faced by children whose families are homeless or near homeless.

As a parent of 2 young children, I was impressed with their facilities, which I believe are far superior to many in Las Cruces (I have visited several upon searching for childcare for my children).  Thank you to Hannah and the staff at Jardin for welcoming us and letting us learn more about your important work!!

By Laura Carson, Las Cruces community member