Sarah Sánchez

Meet Sarah Sánchez

Española, New Mexico ■  University of New Mexico

Hello! My name is Sarah and I’m from Northern New Mexico. While attending the University of New Mexico as an undergraduate I had two unique opportunities to visit Latin America through courses that focused on sustainable development. In preparation for the course in Nicaragua, we were given a thorough understanding of the historical context of U.S. interests and actions in the country in the 20th century and their continued effects to the present day. This foundation allowed me to go through the rest of my education with a more informed view and critical eye of U.S. policy on the region and its people. Last summer I got to see how some of that policy extended stateside while interning in the Las Cruces border region and meeting with programs that sought to address and resolve the unique problems that those in the border region faced. My short time in the border region allowed me to come in contact with a variety of people who embraced diversity, language and culture in a way that I had never seen before and it really made me want to return to the border region and become more involved. I am excited for the opportunity to do just that with Border Servant Corps. I can’t wait to learn from both my BSC cohort and the surrounding community.