Thank you from Jardín de los Niños!

2016-11-cn-at-jardin-diapersDear Fellow Community Members, Staff of Jardín de los Niños, and BSCers,
Thank you so much for attending community night at Jardín de los Niños. We were lucky to have so many new and familiar faces join us to learn more about this wonderful organization and the people supporting it’s presence in our community. As we mentioned before, without the community’s support, we cannot continue our work for our children and their families. Even taking the time to come visit and learn more about homelessness and near homelessness in Doña Ana County, and our response to these issues, is a beautiful show of support for the hard working staff at Jardín and those currently sharing it’s services.
It is so important that all children have the opportunity to grow in a caring and nurturing environment and, as we learned at community night, childcare acts as a vital maltreatment prevention service for homeless children who are at the highest risk for child abuse and neglect. Thank you so much for coming to see how Jardín strives to meet the needs of children experiencing homelessness in Doña Ana County through education, stability, health, and love. Thank you for participating in our games and discussions focused on how to better support children and families in the state of NM at present and in the future. An investment in children, is a direct investment in our future, and even small investments can change a kiddo’s life forever within the beautiful family at Jardín.
If you would like to extend more support to the organization please visit our website at: There, you will find various links that will lead you to more information on volunteer and donation opportunities. We also have a Facebook page (search: Jardin de los Ninos) where links to all events and fundraisers are posted. This includes our latest fundraiser and education opportunity: “Giving Tuesday” that will take place in three weeks, on November 29th, 2016. With this national event, we are taking the opportunity to spread greater awareness about Jardín and to gain more support for our organization. Feel free to share the information and videos related to this event from our Facebook page with friends and family as an easy and fun way to support Jardín.
I have recently moved to Las Cruces and quickly come to know it as a welcoming and open place where community takes on a special meaning. Community and it’s benefits are not reserved for closed circles, but rather extended further and openly through dedication to those outside our close and familiar networks. This event was just another example of the wonderful ways people in Doña Ana County are willing to show up and learn more about issues that affect the greater community, and thus our own friends and families. The well-being, peace, and happiness of all people ensure the well-being, peace and happiness of ourselves and this community is consistently putting this idea into action to ens
ure the healing and growth of our beautiful home.
Thank you again from all from all the staff, families, and kiddos at Jardín.

Hannah W.W. (BSCer)
Literacy Coordinator, Jardín de los Niños