Border Immersion

Listen, Learn & Engage

Border Servant Corps hosts groups interested in an accompaniment-style immersion, where relationships and first-hand educational experiences about border issues are prioritized.

In today’s polarized society – surrounding almost every issue – it seems increasingly important to come together, get to know one another, learn about realities, think critically, and proactively engage with renewed understanding.

BSC’s border immersion is intentionally designed to provide a comprehensive spectrum of views about immigration and the borderlands by:

  • Speaking with first-generation immigrants.

  • Visiting local organizations working with immigrant populations.

  • Meeting with government officials to hear about border protection and law enforcement.

  • Learning about immigration law.

  • Building an understanding of economic policies and realities affecting people on the border.

Participants are encouraged to come with open minds, proactively engage in learning during the week, and utilize individual critical thinking skills to inform their follow-up actions. Instead of slogans and bumper-sticker answers, BSC encourages participants to begin to understand – or deepen their understanding – of the complexity of the borderlands.

If you’re looking to dig-in to our shared humanity, to live into the complex realities, to grapple with challenging experiences – both within and without – this week might fit. Spending time in the borderlands will provide you with a first-hand experience that can inform your perspectives and engagement in your own community and maybe – just maybe – allow each of us to listen, learn, and engage in a way that can bring us together for the better.


The title of the trip – Border Immersion – was very appropriate. As if we had been dunked in the Rio Grande, we were surrounded by all the issues and realities that make up life at the border.  Of all the people we met, no one was preoccupied with a single problem, and no one proposed a simple solution. The Border Patrol agents, the refugees, the lawyers and the volunteers deal every day with the complexities of human society: wealth and poverty, crime and punishment, love and hate. The ones who inspired us are the ones who have found ways to stay true to what they believe as they go about their daily routine.

Karl Miran, Wardlaw + Hartridge