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Southern New Mexico | El Paso, Texas | Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México

Border Servant Corps (BSC) provides hospitality for migrants released by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. We operate the two largest migrant shelters in southern New Mexico and west Texas. At the Hospitality Centers, individuals and families are welcomed, their basic needs (food, hygiene items, general wellness, etc.) are addressed, and guests receive assistance with travel arrangements and transportation to transit stations to continue their journey to their final destination. Additionally, BSC operates the Port Reception Site for migrants entering the U.S. through the CBP One™ app (where USCIS is co-located to assist with a portion of the work authorization process) and an Airport Reception Team to assist migrants from the entire El Paso Sector to navigate the airport on both sides of TSA. Together with our deeply committed community, we ensure newly-arrived migrants are welcomed with dignity and respect.



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Beginning in 2018, BSC partnered with the primary Hospitality Center in the region – to receive refugees. In January 2019, BSC became part of the newly-established NM Hospitality Coalition, coordinating with faith-based entities, NGOs, and government officials to support asylum-seekers in this region on both sides of the border.

Throughout the changes in immigration policies and practices, BSC has continued to serve asylum-seekers, wherever they are located. From collaborating with partners throughout the borderlands to supporting a network of shelters in Ciudad Juárez – BSC continues its commitment to supporting asylum-seeking families, learning every day from our partners, our community, our team, and our guests.


From churches and nonprofits to immigration officials and government entities: We are humbled to be part of an extraordinary humanitarian effort – beyond politics or religion – that demonstrates the heart of our borderlands community.


Through this sense of shared mission, individuals and organizations continue to demonstrate their commitment to welcome asylum-seekers. We are grateful for continued collaboration as we come together to support families in our region.

Today we operate the two largest migrant shelters in southern New Mexico and West Texas, the Port Reception Site, and the Airport Reception Team. Together with our deeply committed community, we ensure newly-arrived migrants are welcomed with dignity and respect.




They (refugees) have – time and time again – really showed me what it means to be human. They have shown me what it means to be courageous and brave. That have shown me what it means to just keep going – to not hold on to anger and resentment. And they have shown me what it is to have gratitude for the simplest of things. They’re part of – we’re all part of – the human race and, as such, we should be here for each other.

– Elizabeth Bennett

My experience with Border Servant Corps started in October of 2018 and what a blessing it’s been. I love that God will use me to bless others with simple skills like offering a friendly face or a hug or basic necessities like a hygiene kit. Every week, I reminded myself that refugees came from difficult experiences … so I knew that I needed to be friendly and kind and loving to them and serve them: Whether it was giving them lunch or explaining to them how to use the showers or anything else that was something I take for granted. I would say the biggest challenge for me was earning their trust, but God came in and gave me some wisdom in that the best way to earn their trust – or the fastest way to earn their trust – was to just love them. So that’s what I did. I was kind and gracious and I would remind them often, “We’re here to serve you. I’m here to help you with whatever you need,” in Spanish, of course. I’d always smile and them know that I was here for them and spend as much time as I could, just visiting with them. And I saw that it was true – it worked. They would trust me – maybe not completely – but enough to know that I was here to help them.

– Suzy Fulton

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